About me:

I am originally from California. I went to school at UC Riverside where I majored in Botany. As a student I worked with the National Park Service and with California State Parks, monitoring plant and animal populations, collecting seeds, and helping with habitat restoration projects. After graduating I worked as an outdoor education instructor and camp counselor in Connecticut.

I returned to California and went back to work for California State Parks, continuing to work on the projects that I had previously been involved with. I met and married my husband and returned to graduate school at UC Riverside, where I got my Master’s degree in Botany. As a graduate student I worked as a teaching assistant for Botany and Biology classes. Shortly after I finished grad school, my husband and I welcomed our daughter into our lives. I stayed home with her until she was a year old, then I taught environmental science classes at a community college.

In 2009, we moved to Colorado to be near my husband’s family. I began volunteering in my daughter’s classes when she started school and helped with after-school tutoring and the PTA. I then worked as a substitute for the Thompson School District and was later hired by the district’s Early Childhood program as a Paraprofessional. Last year I decided to return to school to get my teaching credential and enrolled in the Post-baccalaureate program at UNC. I am currently doing my student teaching at Frontier Academy High School.

In my free time I enjoy gardening, cooking, reading, doing yoga, and running. My family and I enjoy watching movies, camping, and traveling. My husband and I also like to go for rides on his motorcycle and I have just gotten my motorcycle license as well. We plan to spend most of next summer on a road trip up to the Arctic Circle and hope to do other big adventures so that we can explore different parts of the world.

My educational philosophy:

I would like all students in my classes to develop an appreciation for science through hands-on, inquiry based activities that they can relate to their lives. Through laboratory experiences, readings, and other activities I would like students to develop the skills to think skeptically and critically about information that they are presented. I would also like students to experience both the fun and the usefulness of learning about science.


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